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Felipe Gonzalez

Our Story

How It Started

Since the early 2000s, we have been involved in multiple humanitarian programs: caring for children at risk; taking part in community development such as building homes and schools; creating sustainable agriculture in indigenous communities; as well as taking part in various disaster relief efforts. 

However, these acts of service never felt like enough. Because of our ground level involvement in humanitarian work over the years, we have a personal connection with many other international workers who are serving tirelessly on the frontlines. We realized that we had a unique opportunity to create a non-profit that does not loose any funding to middle management!  

And so, in 2022, Why Not International Aid was officially founded.

Our Vision

To partner with organizations, governments, and businesses in a way that creates the greatest impact for all. 

To earn a global presence as a respected humanitarian foundation, while never compromising on our principles.

Our Principles

Nobody at Why Not takes a salary and nobody ever will. We pay for all projects and administration costs out of pocket. If we receive any donations, we insist that 100% of it will go directly into the projects.

Our core values are to only act out of Love, Authenticity, and the desire to bring real change.

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