Why Not

Our foundation is built on a simple question: Why Not?

People are in need, and we all hold the ability to create drastic change, so why wouldn’t we do something?

This simple question has sparked a movement, because deep down we all know we are capable of more.


Guatemala Award

Receiving an award from the President of Guatemala

WhyNot was honored to receive an award from the President of Guatemala in recognition of our work towards food sustainability and job creation within the Indigenous community.

Felipe being interviewed by the media.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply stated - Why Not act now?

Whether through education, community development, disaster relief, or small acts of kindness, we will relentlessly deliver tangible, long lasting change directly to those in need.  

Our Story

How It Started

Despite being officially founded in 2022, Why Not started many years ago from humble beginnings.
For the last decade, founders Felipe and Fay Gonzalez dedicated their lives to multiple humanitarians causes such as building multiple schools and homes, sustainable agriculture projects, disaster relief, even living in an orphanage for over 2 years.
At Why Not, we allocate our time and resources to any project that will bring the greatest impact, whether grassroot or global.
We are happy to say all our projects are either self funded or in partnership with groups we trust, there are no special interest group funding to take away from the goal of bringing tangible change to real people in need.

Donations for Ukrainian Refugees

Human Trafficking

Guatemala Agriculture Project

Historical projects


Our Vision

To earn a global presence as a respected humanitarian foundation, and relentlessly deliver tangible, life altering change.

Our Principles

Nobody at WhyNot takes a salary and nobody ever will… We pay for all projects and administration costs out of pocket. If we receive any donations, we insist that 100% of it will go directly into our projects.
Our core values are to only act out of Love, Authenticity, and the desire to bring real change.

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We are always looking for new project ideas or to partner with likeminded people.